UV Disinfection

Globally used by 1000+ hospitals, professionals kill invisible germs.

UV Disinfection Catalog

UV Light
We can customize all kinds of UV Lights, etc.
We can customize all kinds of UV light tubes, etc.
We can customize all kinds of ultraviolet water sterilizers, etc.
We can customize all kinds of UV light accessories, etc.
We can customize all kinds of UV nail lamps, etc.
UVC Disinfection Box
We can customize all kinds of UVC disinfection boxes, etc.
UVC Disinfection Bag
We can customize all kinds of UVC disinfection bags, etc.
Air Purifier
We can customize all kinds of air purifiers, etc.

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Focus on textile service categories, our textile/garment accessories team will help you sourcing items from China, Including customized colors, patterns, weaves, etc.

Olinesourcing Gives You Complete Professional Research On All Factories In One Convenient Spot!

We have a Q&A team that can inspect production and factories for you. The full report will be provided.

  • Quickly Identify All Factories in Market
  • Detailed Product Quotes and Analysis
  • Qualify Factories Based on Requirements
  • Expert Recommendation
Develop New Products and Bring Them to Market… QUICKLY!

If you are doing B2C business on an e-commerce platform, and want to develop new products with customized design, we can help you to achieve it.

  • Create Professional Product Designs
  • Easily Order Product Samples
  • Develop Product & Performance Standards
  • Execute Sample Tooling Agreements
Increase Your Brand’s Value, Create Raving Fans, and Drive Profitability Through Consistent High Quality.

All products will go through a quality inspection and have test reports for all of our clients. Product quality is the core factor of competitiveness.

  • Implement Quality and Performance Standards
  • Conduct Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • On-site Production Monitoring
  • Complete Manufacturing and Social Audits
Build Strong Relationships with High-Quality Factories that Support Profit… FOR YEARS!

Maybe you are worried about your small orders, which are ignored by the factory&supplier. We will help you to contact the supplier and establish a good relationship to ensure that every order has no problems.

  • Easy & Clear Communication with Factories
  • Expert Order Management
  • Shipping, Customs, and Documents
  • Product and Payment Fraud Prevention
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UV Disinfection

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UV Disinfection
UV Disinfection
UV Disinfection

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