How to import from China? 4 Unique Tips to Help You.

As we know, China is a world factory based on its complete industrial system and cheap labor. May small businesses want to know how to import from China with what they want. As a traditional exporting and importing agent company in China, this article will provide some tips and suggestions for our readers.

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Suppliers in China

At first, you must know the below tools when you want to start looking for suppliers in China. has the largest number of registered users and the largest number of suppliers. This is Alibaba’s biggest advantage. However, under the current circumstances, Alibaba International Station is not the key business of Alibaba Group. In the case of many domestic regulatory restrictions, the survival of Alibaba International Station has also been challenged. is also the part of Alibaba Group. It is more focused on retail business, but the price is very low, bulk purchase is very cost-effective.
The factories on this website are mostly heavy industry manufacturers, such as heavy machinery, geotechnical building materials, etc.
This website is more oriented to the development and laying of offline exhibitions, and with the arrival of the epidemic, there are also activities to hold online exhibitions. Closer communication with suppliers is possible.
4 tools above are the most used by oversea clients to make the inquiry and purchase. They are kind of B2B platforms, which has lots of suppliers paid to open an online store for wholesale.

Importing from China

How to import from China?

Our company has a lot of experience of communicating with factories and clients around the world. Many of our customers often complain to us about the problems they encounter during the procurement process with their factories. We have summarized the following points.

  1. Ignore small orders, long lead times for smaller orders.
  2. After-sales service is very poor, received product quality is not good but can not defend the right.
  3. The price for small orders is very high.
  4. Some minor changes and defects were shipped without communication.
  5. Shipping costs are relatively high, and the stacking of duties and shipping costs makes orders less profitable.
  6. The money was paid but the factory could no longer be contacted, and neither the money nor the order could be recovered. (Few cases)
  7. Broken in transit, no claims
  8. The goods have been completed and cannot be shipped due to freight costs, but the cost of stacking goods in the factory is very high.
  9. Failure to ship in accordance with the agreed time.
  10. Temporary price increase.

Avoid These Problems

How to avoid these problems when importing from China?

We must know that all problems will show up is not because factories in China are all bad and unreliable. All problems above can be avoided with proper communication. Let me explain to you.

Nowadays, small orders and multiple batches are the mainstream customers. But the factory has its start-up as well as production costs, and the same start-up costs will be higher, even up to several times, for a smaller quantity. Then how can we do it to import small quantity but in the better price?

  • Looking for a small factory

The answer is looking for a smaller factory in China’s local market. This requires you to have some local contacts. There are many small factories in China, not like the big companies& factories open the online store on B2b platform, they rely on the contacts in the local market.

These factories will handle the small orders better than the big factories. The quality and lead time will also be valued. Because they want to be bigger one day.

You might want to ask that how can we find them if they don’t put their info online? You need to ask your Chinese friend or just ask Olinesourcing. We are good at this field and have a strong relationship with many factories.

  • Solving transportation problems

The transportation problem is normally big in business, especially for some bigger items, such as mannequins and pet beds.

You should be reminded that international couriers and shipping companies calculate shipping costs according to the actual weight and volume weight of the more party to calculate.

For example:

  • The carton size is 65*65*160cm for a mannequin:
  • Actual weight: 15kg
  • Volume weight=(65*65*160)/6000=112kg
  • Assuming a price of US$6 per kilogram, the total shipping cost will be 112kg*US$6=US$672

The cost is so high by express and air for such a big carton. But we can ship it by railway and sea shipping if you do not hurry.

The warehouse service is also a problem to solve the rising shipping fee. There are many services in China to provide a temporary warehouse.

Identify Scammers

How to Identify Scammers?

Actually, there are s some scammers in China, not many but harmful. If you already met one, please call 110 in China to get the money back. Or you can contact us for help.

We prevent being cheated, foreign customers need to sign certain terms and conditions. The most important thing is that if you suspect that the factory you are working with is irregular, you can find a third-party factory inspection company in China to check the authenticity and issue a report, such as the SGS China office.

  • Lead time

Lead time is a big problem for most orders. As a result of the epidemic, ships in many ports have been delayed, including production in the factories themselves.

You can follow up on your orders relatively frequently. Because in the eyes of many Chinese factories, if you don’t come often enough to call, it means you don’t care about the order delivery time, or allow a few days delay.

Anyway if you are new in this field or just started your business, I hope you will gain something after reading this article. We will keep updating in the future.

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