How Much Do Sourcing Agents Charge in China?

Do you want to expand your business in China? Are you looking for a sourcing agent in China again? How much do sourcing agents charge in China?
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Nowadays, many companies choose to hire a sourcing agent to handle all the purchasing orders in China, not only because of the distance from the buyer to the supplier but also easier to communicate with factories from Chinese to Chinese.

And the search volume of “China sourcing agent” has more than 3.1K times each month. You can easily find the sourcing service on Google. The problem is how can I clarify the agents on the internet?

Actually, there are many trading companies or agents is doing such business for a local company, which do not have the right to import products. And they will pay some commission to this order.

As one of the sourcing agents in China, Our company’s rates are representative of most companies in the country.

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2 How much do sourcing agents charge in China?


  1. Cooperate as a trading company. You can purchase all items from one trading company, many Japanese companies do it like this. You cannot have the contact way of the factory and enjoy the one-stop service in China.

The good impact is you do not need to pay a commission in this order, only care about the price you get. The relatively bad impact is their price might be higher than what you think if the trading agent company doesn’t have a strong supply chain.


  1. Cooperate as a sourcing company. Just like a purchase department office in China, this way will help you find the best option of factory and price in China. They will provide factory prices to you to evaluate, and you don’t need to pay your salary each month, only when you need to place the order.

The price of this service normally is 3%-10% of the order amount. It depends on different companies’ policies.

If you are worried about the price and quality submitted by trading companies, you can use a sourcing service. And the contact way of the factory will be provided for you. For example, we will make sure the price and quality, and evaluate factory power, then submit the info for you!


  1. Collect the price list info. If you are new in the field and do not know the specific item you want, only want to get many prices for a reference, you can use this service, our company has a team to help you.

The full list will price and factory info will be submitted. Samples are also available if you require them. The price for each list will start at 20USD.

In this information age, you may have many choices, but at the same time, many choices will make people confused. If you need procurement services, please contact us and put forward your requirements. Our team will give you suitable suggestions and consultation is free.

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