How Can We Find a Suitable China Sourcing Agent For Our Business?

You might be confused when you search “China sourcing agent” on Google and so many results to show what they are and what they can do. How can we find a suitable sourcing agent for our business?

At first, we need to know how many kinds of sourcing agents are in China.

  1. Goods Sourcing Agents (work as a trading company)
  2. Service Sourcing Agents (Service intermediary)
  3. Land Sourcing Agents
  4. Dropshipping Sourcing Agent

The four kinds of agents above are the main types in China. We will explain one by one to show you the difference between these agents.

Let’s dive right in now, and you can click on the question that interest you,

1. Goods Sourcing Agents

This type of procurement agency has the largest number of companies and employees. And most of them are based in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, a city famous for light industry and small commodities.

They can find almost all the products in the light industry in Yiwu City and provide you with a competitive price. Due to the special policies of the Yiwu government and the state, you can get more benefits and a wider range of products in Yiwu.

Of course not all purchasing agents are located in Yiwu, many cities with developed export economies are there, such as companies in the Pearl River Delta region and the Yangtze River Delta region. Unlike the sourcing agents in Yiwu, companies in these areas have a certain scale and strength.

2. Service Sourcing Agents

Unlike direct exports of physical goods, these companies usually provide some services, i.e. products in the service industry. Such as a shipping agent, in charge of shipping issues for your goods.

Shipping agent is the most popular agents in the service agent field. Due to the huge rising of shipping fees in the epidemic, shipping agent companies gain huge profits these years. You can easily find them by Google “shipping agent”.

sourcing agent

3. Land Sourcing Agents

Land procurement agents are a relatively rare type of China sourcing agent, usually carrying out their services as purchase agents, and, since land in China is publicly owned, at this stage not for no Chinese.

4. Dropshipping Sourcing Agent

Dropshipping sourcing agent is a new kind of agent that just appeared these years. This type of agent mainly works for Amazon or eBay sellers from overseas.

The cooperation model between them is that the foreign retail sellers do not need to stock up and wait until they have a retail order then notify the domestic drop shipping agent in China to ship to the end customer.

This is very cost-effective and low risk for many small start-up companies. However, the downside is that it does not offer custom product dropshipping. Because once the custom batch product is ready for stock, that means the factory can’t sell the excess product to others.

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