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Have your OEM Chinese office, sourcing for a win-win business.


Your Own Experts

Your dedicated expert who can answer your questions and meet your needs
She will follow up on every detail of your order. She is responsible for follow-up orders with a positive rate of 100% and is always online, which can help you solve any confusion and dissatisfaction in the order.
MorganProduct specialist
He is an engineer in our company and has a very deep understanding of most of the products. We have a strong procurement team that can help you quickly obtain quotations and information for corresponding products.
DeniseAfter-sales Service Manager
She is the leader of our company’s after-sales service team who has more than 8 years of experience in responding to customer complaints and can help you solve any problems after order sales.

About Us

We are an Online Sourcing Company based in Hangzhou, China. As a sourcing & trading company, we provide many services about China business for our clients.

Olinesourcing can become the China office of your company. We have strong supply chain and production abilities here. Our goal is to make an exporting business easier and faster.

  • Integrity: To treat all people with honesty, sincerity, and moral integrity.

  • Courage: If our family, colleagues, customers, and suppliers are behind us, who can be against us?

  • Excellence: We set the highest standards. No one does it better or provides better service than we do.

  • Resourcefulness: Every obstacle is a way to find a new solution. We can’t be stopped.

  • Learning: Our relentless pursuit of knowledge drives our success and adds meaning to our lives.

  • Teamwork: Seize every opportunity to help, share, support, and improve each other.

  • Relationships: We create positive, long-term relationships that impact lives, not transactions.

  • Gratitude: Be grateful for your life, your health, your family, your customers, your colleagues and your role in our company.

Our Advantages

  • We are a professional team, especially serving small and medium orders around the world. Don’t worry about your small order being easily ignored by the factory. We will make sure all details are fine and perfect.

  • We’re sourcing for many stocks and low MOQ suppliers. You might not find them on an e-commerce platform but can have many connections here.

  • Maybe you are worried about whether the factory you are looking for is formal and legal. Our team will help you to visit the factory and verify its legitimacy, as a third-party trader.

  • Join us with 2,000 other customers in the world. Our service teams are always online.

Partner Companies

Partner companies


Customers Love Us

I am new to e-commerce and just started importing products. Olinesourcing helped me a lot. I can save lots of time in sourcing and pay more attention to online marketing from my end.

Jenina L.

It is almost no cost to cooperating with Olinesourcing. Because they can provide everything you want in purchasing a business. Olinesourcing service is the only company which can meet my requirements of goods. I am happy to find them.


Nice work! I got my whole order without any problem! They are busy now and sometimes do not reply to me in time. But I understand them and will cooperate with them in the future.

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